I Support a Massachusetts Green New Deal

Climate scientists now realize that their predictions from 40 years ago were incorrect — global warming is happening much faster than they thought. We must reach zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. We can reach this goal but starts with political leadership. Our elected officials must be able to respond to crisis much more quickly and effectively and at a scale and scope that’s required to get the job done. The cost of inaction will cost the Commonwealth dearly and will almost certainly be borne disproportionately by the poor, the disenfranchised, the disabled and communities of color.  We need lawmakers with the drive, the vision and the courage to act. I believe a Green New Deal will be a tremendous opportunity to create well-paying jobs, improve public health, improve quality of life for more people and improve environmental quality.

This Green New Deal must include labor and those most impacted by climate change to ensure that we have a just transition to renewable energy, and that way we will not leave our workers or marginalized communities behind.

We need to at a minimum:

  • Commit to sourcing electricity from 100% renewables by 2040
  • Divest from fossil fuels completely
  • Phase out new fossil fuel infrastructure
  • Electrify our transportation infrastructure
  • Require new developments to be built to passive house standards or net-zero emissions
  • Require the retrofitting of all new housing and commercial buildings to the highest efficiency standards and use heat pumps and fossil fuel free technology for heating and cooling.
  • Incentivize electric vehicles
  • Exploit our opportunities for offshore wind

Published by Alison Leary for State Representative

Running for the 10th Middlesex Representative Seat.

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